Welcome to the Kenya School
of Swimming


Kenya School of Swimming (KeSS) is a professionally organised and run, high performance swimming club.

At Kenya School of Swimming our mission is to bring quality swimming and make is accessible to all children in Kenya and adults alike. We aim to develop swimming at grass root level, carry it through to professional elite standards and bring us on par with world class swimming.



Why KeSS?

• Our Aim is to provide quality, affordable, swimming coaching and training.

• Our programs are bench marked to cater for all swimmers, starting from beginners to international standards taking into consideration each swimmers ability and disability.







General Info –                Admin@kenyaschoolofswimming.co.

Coach —                        Anze.dakar@kenyaschoolofswimming.co.ke

Public Relations —        Patricia.wena@kenyaschoolofswimming.co.ke                                                                                                                                                                                            Grace.ogborn@kenyaschoolofswimming.co.ke

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