About Us



 Kenya School of Swimming (KeSS) is a competitive swimming Club that exists to promote swimming as an interest and make learning, training and competition fun.

Sessions will be delivered to a structured program which is set out in an Annual Development Plan.

Progression through the club is dependent on ability and rate of learning, but our aim is to teach swimming and once taught, to develop the swimmer to his/her full potential.  Those already able to swim on joining the Club are assessed by our Coaches and placed in the most appropriate squad.

The progress of swimmers will be continuously monitored and will be reviewed , with swimmers being able to move at their own pace on a monthly basis  to an alternative squad when deemed appropriate.



The club has two swimming sites at St. Christopher’s Schools in Karen (with 2 training pools) and St. Nicholas Senior School (Kabarnet Road).


Statement of Purpose and Philosophy

Kenya School of Swimming is committed to establishing internationally comparable swimming programs that will help every athlete in the program whatever their background or circumstances reach his or her maximum potential. The Club believes that this can be and will be achieved for a wide range of ages and ability levels by increasing availability of facilities and quality coaching, making swimming a self-sustaining sport. The club is committed to making the sport of swimming widely accessible and to this end we endeavour to identify and support athletes demonstrating potential and commitment to swimming.


It is recognised that not every swimmer is going to become an Olympic athlete, some will remain good school swimmers, others good club level swimmers, others may reach province, regional or international level. The ethos of Kenya School of Swimming rests in helping to ensure that each swimmer can be the best that they can be, that they have fun along the way, that they develop life skills and have experiences that will stay with them for life no matter what level they get to. 


Kenya School of Swimming is a membership club whose membership will not normally be restricted. The membership will run from August to July the next year.


Kenya School of Swimming aims to be one of the most inclusive, most networked and successful high performance swimming clubs in Kenya by:


Providing the highest standard of swimming coaching and training possible (in the club and school environment) starting from the grass root pre development level to competitive swimming.

Promoting lifelong positive values, skills and qualities in our members

Together with other players in the swimming scene, enhancing the level of swimming  across Kenya and  building the capacity of potential upcoming coaches and the youth involved in the sport

Becoming a major player in the success of Kenyan Swimming by democratizing swimming where people of all abilities and disabilities, from all social backgrounds can access quality coaching.

The provision of facilities for its members through partnerships with schools, leisure clubs and other willing partners for the purpose of teaching, coaching and competing in all facets promoted by the Club; to the highest levels achievable.

Training and mentoring of the youth to develop the breadth and depth of emotional support dog coaching, which in effect will increase accessibility to quality swimming coaching as well as creating opportunities for youth employment and empowerment.

Building cohesion amongst the youth through sports.

Working with the youth to ensure there are new upcoming coaches to make the sport sustainable and accessible.

To open up partnerships and collaborations with both local and international swimmers, clubs, schools, colleges & universities and coaches to enhance our swimmers and coaches experiences. With the aim of uplifting our levels of swimming, give our swimmers and coaches international exposure through exchange programs, joint-working, certification and open up new avenues and opportunities.

To introduce and develop disability swimming, working with each individuals needs to enable them to achieve their full potential.

The provision for social functions.

In furtherance of these objectives the Club is committed to equality within the context of its activities, regardless of sex, ethnic origin, religion, disability or political persuasion.

The Club shall comply with and implement any of its own or  NASA Equal Opportunities policy.

The Club and its members shall adopt and comply with Ministry of Sport Child Protection Procedures recognising that the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility and that children and young people have a right to have fun, be safe and protected from harm.