Frequently Asked Questions

What is a New Enrollment Assessment?

Most children not currently enrolled onto the KeSS program (because you are new to the club or have taken a break from lessons for a term or longer) may be required to undergo a short assessment of their swimming ability by a qualified swim instructor prior to enrolling onto lessons to establish which stage would be suitable.

Why does my child have to be assessed?

Our aim is for every child to learn the correct techniques, at their own pace, in a fun and engaging environment. To achieve this it is vital children enroll onto a class suitable to their ability and needs.

Does my child need an assessment? 

This depends upon age and confidence.
A child is over 3 and a beginner* – No Assessment Required

What does a beginner mean? …

… Exhibiting any one of the following traits. Not able to, anxious, or nervous when:

Class recommendation – ‘Impala’ (3+ years and above)


If a child is over 3 and  not a beginner – Yes, Assessment Required

It is necessary to determine ability level so as to advise the correct class.

I know the stage of my child an assessment isn’t necessary

It is compulsory for all children who have a level of swimming experience to be assessed by one of Kenya School of Swimming  staff.


  1. A verbal interpretation of skill level is rarely accurate
  2. Our curriculum is bespoke and unlike any other swim program offering

How do you assess a child’s swimming ability? 

First we ask the parent and/or child a few probing questions before getting in the water to determine confidence and what would be a reasonable skill to ask to see first.


Generally the assessor will first ask to see kick on the back to observe body position and kick technique. The main components of each stage will be worked through bottom up until revealing a developmental area and settling on a stage.

How long does the assessment last?

How much does it cost?

Assessments are free of charge.

When are assessments held?

Assessments are held on Thursdays and Saturdays only.

DAY                         TIME                                                         SITE/VENUE
Thursday         15:45 – 15:55                      St.Christopher’s Schools Prep School Pool
Thursday         17:15 – 17:25                      St.Christopher’s Schools Prep School Pool
Saturday           10:30 – 10:40                     St.Christopher’s Schools Prep School Pool
Saturday           10:45 – 10:55                     St.Christopher’s Schools Prep School Pool
Saturday           11:45 – 11:55                      St.Christopher’s Schools Prep School Pool

How do I book an assessment?

KeSS Assessment Form

What happens if I book an assessment and am unable to make the appointment?

What happens after the assessment?


For the sake of the integrity of the program we do not allow children to move to a higher or lower stage than their ability level demonstrated during the assessment.


We do not place a child into another stage than that recommended … for any reason including these highlighted below:

  1. … If there is no current availability in the stage recommended
  2. … At the convenience of the parent
  3. … To be taught by a particular teacher
  4. … To ‘push’ a child
  5. … Or to swim with siblings/ and or friends


Moving to a higher level than recommended:


Moving to a lower level than recommended:

Whilst this practice doesn’t impact on the children in a group inheriting an advanced child particularly (in fact it probably aids them), it does little for the advanced individuals progression, other than to reinforce already learnt skills, as more advanced skills won’t be taught, only those specified in that particular stage.


For example:

If a child is prescribed ‘Zebra’ after an assessment but enrolls onto ‘Wildebeest’ (‘Zebra’ is a more advanced stage than ‘Wildebeest’), we won’t teach ‘Zebra’ outcomes for the advanced child and ‘Wildebeest’ to rest. A child in this scenario is un stimulated, not engaged and loses motivation with the real likelihood we will lose then from the sport.

The fact we aren’t prepared to do so confirms our commitment to the long term goal of providing quality swimming lessons.


If I join after the term start date will I have to pay for lessons missed? 

Payments are invoiced quarterly but you pay from the month that you join.

Please be aware lessons missed after joining are non refundable and cannot be made up. If you require further explanation on this policy please ask.

Please don’t hesitate to email administration if you have any questions (